HELLO AGAIN GUYS. I've been on a blogging rooooollll lately! (jumps up and down because I'm getting my life together woo)!

I am actually obsessed with this family and feel so grateful that I have been able to do so many sessions for them! So many epic milestones that I have witnessed them going through and it makes my heart happy. 

So here is baby Jame's lifestyle newborn session! I don't do the whole baby in a basket thing, but instead go into your home, get photos of baby in crib, you and baby, and what life is like with new baby! It's more documentary style so when you look back at the images one day you don't just remember how freaking adorable your kid was fresh out of the womb, but all the other details together that tell the story of how life was at that time. 

We started off this shoot with the family in bed in their PJ's because that is what they love to do on the weekend together. HOW FRIGGIN CUTE IS THAT. Then we did photos of baby in their super amazing kid's room, all dressed in the living room, then finished off with a little trip out to the mountains for some outdoors photos! 

Here are just a few from the session that I still can't get over. Enjoy!!