I have known Jess for as long as I can remember! This girl and I have a whole whack load of funny memories from girls camp over the years. I was so excited when she booked a session of her + her boyfriend while I was in Ontario earlier this month. And I was also excited when Nick told me he is awkward in front of the camera.. because I love a challenge haha. (spoiler alert: he killed it).

We drove out to Stratford together and explored around the town! I seriously want to book a weekend getaway there next time my hubb joins me on a trip to London. For reals the cutest town ever. If you find yourself in Ontario you HAVE to go. 

OKAY enjoy the photos! There are a million because I couldn't narrow it down any further. #sorrynotsorry haha.

[ps] I have my 5th wedding in Ontario this NYE and I will be doing some cute winter sessions while I'm there-- hit me up if you're looking to do a session!