Okay okay okay YOU GUYS. So I met Mary Kate in California at a photography workshop, and after the workshop was over we went to Yosemite together (even though we were actually strangers but whateva). Then we were like "yo lets go to Iceland" so I went to her house in NY for four days before Iceland and it was a hoot. It was at this point where I was super angry that I did not meet her earlier in my life because she is hilarious and also a stellar cook.

In Iceland she was preggo so we did a session in some insane wind on a black sand beach in Vik. It was magical + cold + sunny + rainy and just ugh. amazing. It's Iceland for goodness sake!

Fast forward to when she had baby Frankie and she flew me to NY to take some newborn photos! We did a shoot on a Long Island beach (apparently there is a beach theme in our friendship) and the next day we did an in home session! The in home sesh deserves it's own blog post-- so stay tuned for that! 

ANYHOW. Mary Kate is a magical unicorn and now I'm obsessed with her. Enjoy the photos + tell me what you think!