Okay. I love this family. When I first moved to the inner city (almost 4 years ago now.. wooooow) I met Ashley and she is the nicest person ever. Then I saw her kids (only two back then haha) and was like "I am working on my kids portfolio and you have the cutest children in the world can I please take pics of them?!" and she was like "lolol who are you, ya creep...." jkjk she was like OKAY and I took the photos then we ended up becoming dope bffs. 

Fast forward a couple years, and we were planning a family session in the mountains.. complete with a picnic, an amazing home made cake, and a pregnancy announcement! We drove out to Kananaskis, went to hike up this hill (which colby said was the most dangerous thing he has ever done in his life hahahaha) and as he was carrying the cake up the hill, he slipped and fell and the cake went rolling! All three tiers fell apart and it was so sad that all we could do was laugh. All I have is the cell phone shot from before the session, so you can see a before and after of the cake!

Then during the session, the wind was INSANE, a vase of flowers was knocked over and spilled all over the blanket, and a glass of orange juice was spilled too! It was hilarious how many things kept going wrong, but every time something else spilled, we just rolled with it and would laugh it off. 

I think its hilarious when stuff like that happens, because it shows through the photos just how messy and funny life is. Sometimes you don't get the picture perfect picnic, and that's okay!! (Even though this picnic still looks great and was delicious). It adds some character to the photos, and gives you some funny stories afterwards! Basically the moral of the story is: Laugh it off! Prep all you can, but when the day comes and crap hits the fan, just roll with the punches! 

OKAY ENJOY DEEZ PICS! This family is gorgeous and for reals Ashley is 5 months preggo here. NO JOKE. FIVE MONTHS.