Pizza for dinner, donuts for dessert, and the cutest daddy daughter dance you've ever seen?! YOU BEST BELIEVE.

These two are such a great couple. You can tell because of how big their bridal party is. I defs don't have that many people who love me. (jkjkjk I have like five million siblings and they are forced to love me). 

Andee and I have become friends throughout her engagement (she even introduced me to barre and I hated it but then I tried it again and now I go every day haha) so I was choked that I was already booked on her wedding date! Good thing I have such an amazing associate Rachel Campbell Photography who captured their day so beautifully! Also a shout out to my girl Guenard Photography for being an amazing second shooter!!

Their ceremony and reception was at the Wintergreen Golf Course and Country Club in Bragg Creek which was the perfect setting for their day. They walked back down the aisle with their precious baby Charlie and Kyle surprised the guests with doing the daddy daughter dance with Charlie (HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SOMETHING SO CUTE IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE? no sir you have not). 

OKAY START THAT SCROLL to get a sneak peek of their magical day!

Venue: Wintergreen Golf Course + Country Club

Hair + Makeup: Rebecca Jay Makeup + Lash Extensions

Florist: Okotoks Flowers and Things

Dress: La Jeune Mariee

Suit: Le Chateau

Pizza: Sammy's World's Greatest Pizza

Donuts: Tim Horton's