Simple. You Facebook message a model that is gorgeous that you have worked with before. She says yes and will head over after school.
You text a fellow photographer you want to collaborate with. Will also head over after school. She is going to bring another girl to model? Sweet.
Then you text your makeup artist and it's her day off? Perfect.  

Shoot, seems too good to be true, something has to come up (it always does). Hair stylist can't make it? That's okay Steph will do it real quick! I forgot about somewhere I had to be afterwards? Time crunch, nice. Get there to shoot and it's super windy and you're wearing a dress? Helloooo ;)

But that's okay because we killed it. And Steph let me borrow her jeans. 

We pulled over on the side of the highway and trekked through some prickly nature, but we pounded this out and caught some awesome golden hour light! We threw a bunch of clothes selections in a suit case, and just grabbed stuff as we went. 

Sometimes I spend weeks planning a session and carefully choosing every aspect and outfit. And sometimes you know it's one of the last warm days, so you skip the mood board and let the creative juices flow while winging it! It's a great exercise I would encourage everyone to try every so often.  

Mega thanks to Cassidy for being a kick butt model & Rebecca Jay Makeup Artistry!
(and to Steph for letting me borrow her pants).